Miracle rhino gives birth (again)!

Fight for Rhinos

Thandi’s a mama (again)-watch the video

thandi-and-new-baby-jan-2017First glimpses of mama and baby from Ranger Daniel @ Kariega.    

Read about Thandi’s Story and about her first baby, Thembi, It’s Official, Thandi’s a mum! 

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Rangers thoughts on ‘shoot-to-kill’

Fight for Rhinos

On average 2 rhinos and 96 elephants are slaughtered each day.
In the last ten years over 1,000 rangers have been killed.

Should there be a shoot-to-kill policy? Would it help? The controversy is widely debated.
But what do the rangers think?


I spoke to several rangers to get their thoughts.

One ranger said,

“Most of the poachers are poor locals surrounding the wildlife reserves and they see the reserves as their source of income. What is needed is to empower people near the reserves economically, pass on scheme of goats, dairy cows, sending poor children to school… they will become role models to the community and people will begin to appreciates the importance of conserving animals.

We can shoot ten poachers a day, suppose they are all men- surely their families will suffer and later become poachers as means of survival. We shoot at poachers when our lives and…

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How To Legally Make Sure You Own Your Facebook Fan Page


Most companies don’t give much thought to how employees are using their Twitter or Instagram accounts, Pinterest board or YouTube channel. These days, it’s assumed everyone is using social media for all the usual things – sharing news, watching videos and staying connected with friends and family. After all, 78% of online Americans are active users of at least one platform – and that number continues to grow.

But on Facebook, it’s more complicated. There are two kinds of profiles: Personal pages (which the vast majority are) — and ‘Fan’ or brand pages (approx. 50 million total). Fan pages are operated by businesses to showcase their products and by public figures to grow their brands. For those in a high visibility role, like a news anchor or professional athlete, chances are that the Facebook fan page serves a dual purpose: To grow the business audience and build a personal brand. And therein…

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